The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

  • 2 Ways To Make Things Easier For Your Moving Team

    When you are in the middle of a move, you might be more focused on leaving behind your friends and family members than you are about making things more convenient for your moving team. Unfortunately, failure to streamline things could make your move take longer than it needs to. Here are three ways to make things easier for your moving team so that you can get things done quickly: 1: Tidy Up Exits and Entrances

  • Tips For Using Self Storage When Moving House

    When moving house, you have two options after sorting through your belongings. The first would be to donate or throw some stuff out to lessen your load. The second option would be to consider self storage until you figure out what to do with your excess stuff. This is especially pertinent if you are moving into a smaller space than your previous residence. Here are some handy tips for packing for self storage when moving house.

  • Rent A Storage Unit To Make Termite Testing Less Treacherous

    Do you need to have an exterminator tent your home to kill the termites that are destroying the house? If so, it is time to begin planning for the day the tent goes up and you have to leave your home. What all do you have to do to prepare the house for tenting? What do you do with all of the things that cannot remain in the home during the process?

  • Top Things You Should Know When Hiring A Home Moving Company

    Are you in the process of moving from one home to another, and are interested in learning how to make the transition smoother? Then take the time to learn more about what key considerations must be made to avoid unforeseen problems during the move. Reduced workload for moving crew: The more work that the movers have to complete on the moving day, the more money you will be charged for their services.

  • How Can Self Storage Help With Your Upcoming Move?

    If you're thinking about selling your house this summer, you've very likely got a lot on your mind. Now is a time to seek services that can make your life easier and more convenient, services that will help your house sell faster or make packing seem less arduous. Now is a time when you need services that can make moving seem more realistic and less burdensome. Self storage is one such service.

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    The Life of a Military Family

    Hello! My name is Maggie Thompson. My husband James has been in the military for our entire married life. We have two children; he was deployed at the time of both of their births. We have moved five times in nine years. James plans to remain in the military for many more years, and I know this means many more moves for us. I feel as if I’m becoming a professional in the area of moving. I've learned some very handy ways to pack, load trucks, and unpack. I’ve also learned how to pack a storage unit. You see, not every house we move into is the same size. A few times we haven’t been able to fit all of our belongings into a new home. Rather than sell them, we have stored them. I’m going to share some of my moving tips with you. Enjoy!