The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

2 Ways To Make Things Easier For Your Moving Team

Edwin Howard

When you are in the middle of a move, you might be more focused on leaving behind your friends and family members than you are about making things more convenient for your moving team. Unfortunately, failure to streamline things could make your move take longer than it needs to. Here are three ways to make things easier for your moving team so that you can get things done quickly:

1: Tidy Up Exits and Entrances

You might adore those wind chimes hanging on your porch and those potted plants that you took so long to grow, but they could spell trouble for your moving team. Obstacles in exits and entrances can make it hard to move through areas and pose trip and fall hazards.

Before your moving day, take a few minutes to analyze your home's access points. Remove things like doormats, plants, and decorations. It might seem like an extra chore, but packing up your porch products ahead of time could make things easier for everyone.

2: Label Rooms and Color Code Boxes

Everyone knows that a little labeling goes a long way during the unpacking process, but figuring out what is in each box is only part of the moving struggle. Movers can have a difficult time figuring out which boxes need to go where when they arrive at your new house, which is why labeling is so important. Unfortunately, if your moving team has to figure out what that box says and which room it belongs in, it might make unloading your things take a lot longer. 

To make life easier for your moving team, label each room of your old house and then move those same signs to the rooms of your new home. For example, you might make signs indicating "Jack's Room," or the "Craft Space." After your house is emptied, take down the signs and put them up in your new place once you arrive. As you label boxes, make sure that they correspond with a room sign. To make sure that your moving team can identify labels at a glance, use a color coding system. Use the same shade of colored paper for the room sign that you do for the box label. By simply matching colors, your movers will be able to move each and every box to the right place in your new home. 

By taking the time to prepare for your upcoming move, you can sit back and enjoy your new space a little sooner--while improving your moving team's day. Contact a moving service, like Bekins Van Lines Inc, for more information on how to make the moving processes smoother.


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