The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

  • Tips For Helping Your Company's Employees Get Through A Move

    If your company is bulging at the seams in your current space and you must move to a larger office building so you can spread out, then it is important that you are able to move with minimal downtime and disruption for your business. Since you need your employees to be on board and help with the moving process, there are some things you must do prior to moving day to prepare them.

  • 5 Tips For Packing A Storage Unit Safely

    Putting your belongings into a storage unit can be a frustrating experience. Not only do you have to go through the tedious job of packing everything up, but you also have to put it in the storage unit in a manner that prevents breakage and makes it easy to find things if you need them. By following the 5 tips offered to you in this article, you can put everything in the unit easily and so they are easy to find and less likely to break.

  • Moving To Canada? Avoid Border Hassles

    Planning to move to Canada in the near future? If so, then one potential problem you definitely want to head off in advance is any difficulty or complication when you bring your belongings into the country. The customs officials in Canada have very specific rules and regulations concerning all items that are brought in from other nations. This article examines how to bring your personal possessions into Canada as efficiently as possible. Duty 

  • 3 Reasons To Store Company Paperwork In Plastic Storage Containers

    Your company probably has a constant, steady flow of paperwork for you to deal with. Even if you try to keep as much of your paperwork on the computer as possible, you probably have lots of paper copies of documents as well. You could struggle with the best way to store these documents, but there is one solution that you might not have tried yet -- using plastic storage containers, much like the ones that you might use at home to store holiday decorations and other items.

  • From Chicago To Seoul: How An International Relocation Company Helps You Get There

    Usually, if you are relocating internationally for work, you are relocating from a major U.S. city like Chicago, Milwaukee or New York City to a major international city like London, Beijing or Seoul. All of the typical international destinations involve either business or military relocations. Regardless of your employment situation, an international relocation company like Hollander Storage & Moving can help you get to your assigned destination in the following ways.

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    The Life of a Military Family

    Hello! My name is Maggie Thompson. My husband James has been in the military for our entire married life. We have two children; he was deployed at the time of both of their births. We have moved five times in nine years. James plans to remain in the military for many more years, and I know this means many more moves for us. I feel as if I’m becoming a professional in the area of moving. I've learned some very handy ways to pack, load trucks, and unpack. I’ve also learned how to pack a storage unit. You see, not every house we move into is the same size. A few times we haven’t been able to fit all of our belongings into a new home. Rather than sell them, we have stored them. I’m going to share some of my moving tips with you. Enjoy!