The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

5 Tips For Packing A Storage Unit Safely

Edwin Howard

Putting your belongings into a storage unit can be a frustrating experience. Not only do you have to go through the tedious job of packing everything up, but you also have to put it in the storage unit in a manner that prevents breakage and makes it easy to find things if you need them. By following the 5 tips offered to you in this article, you can put everything in the unit easily and so they are easy to find and less likely to break.

1: Use the same type of boxes

Whether you decide to use plastic storage bins or cardboard boxes, you want to go with the same size and style for everything. This is going to make it easier to fit everything in the unit. It also keeps your stuff safer from breakage because it decreases the chances that the boxes will become unstable and fall, causing damage to the items inside of them.

2: Label everything clearly

While you are packing, you want to make notes of everything that goes in each box and give each box its own designated number. Write the number on the paper and on the box. When you need something out of one of the boxes, you can find the number on the paper and then quickly find the corresponding box in the storage unit.

3: Take pictures of miscellaneous items

If you have odd items that are going to be wrapped separately in bubble wrap or plastic bags, then you should take a picture of those items and print it out. Tape the picture on the outside of the packaging for each item. This will make it so you don't have to rip open the packaging to see which item is which. It also helps protect fragile things because everyone who comes in contact with the items will clearly know what's inside the packaging.

4: Don't leave spaces

When you leave spaces in the storage unit, you are also leaving room for things to move around and settle. When this happens, it can lead to damage. If there are any spaces in the unit you can fill them with items such as pillows, bedding and even stuffed animals.

5: Pack large appliances and furniture separately

Put your appliances and furniture in one area of the unit. Generally, it's best to put them along the back wall of the unit since you are less likely to get at them while they are stored. You can put very light items on them, but the boxes should all be stacked together and not placed on them or it can cause damage due to the excessive weight.

These tips are going to make your job of packing a storage unit easier and help you to find things when you need them. It will also ensure that everything will come out in the same shape it went in as. Contact a self storage facility for additional tips. 


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