The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Tips For Helping Your Company's Employees Get Through A Move

Edwin Howard

If your company is bulging at the seams in your current space and you must move to a larger office building so you can spread out, then it is important that you are able to move with minimal downtime and disruption for your business. Since you need your employees to be on board and help with the moving process, there are some things you must do prior to moving day to prepare them. To this end, here are some tips to help you communicate your move and expectations with your staff: 

Tip: Don't Keep Your Employees in the Dark 

A company move is never something you want to spring on your employees at the last minute. Since your move affects their commutes and day-to-day working lives in a big way, you should notify your employees as soon as possible. While early notification may lead to some office drama and complaining, keeping your employees in the dark will make the situation worse over the long haul.

Tip: Let Your Staff Know Exactly What is Expected of Them Before, During, and After the Move

It's just part of human nature that people do not like change and uncertainty. While your company must change locations, you can take away a lot of uncertainty about the process by letting your staff know exactly what is going to be expected of them before, during, and after the move. For example, if you expect your employees to move all of their personal items back to their homes to declutter your new space, then you should let them know this. If you are expecting your employees to move their own files, then they should know about this as well so they can properly prepare. You can create checklists to make this process easier. 

Tip: Encourage Your Staff to Purge Unnecessary Items Before the Move

Once you have notified your employees that your company needs to move to a larger space and have relayed your expectations of them, then you should encourage them to purge any unnecessary items before they pack for moving. If you have documents to scan or shred, before you move is the time to do so. Those old printers laying around your technology room should be donated or disposed of. And, finally, you should ask employees to take as many of their personal items as possible back home to start clean in the new office space. 

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