The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Hire Local Movers To Minimize Disruption To Your Typical Routine

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Moving to another home is often a large undertaking. However, a local move has benefits such as keeping the same job, keeping your kids in the same school, and not traveling far. While you may look forward to the move, you might want to minimize disruption to your typical routine.

Handling most of the move as a family will undoubtedly disrupt your routine. So, a smart option is to hire local movers who can give you the moving experience you are interested in.


Packing is time-consuming because you need to remove your items from furniture, cabinets, and drawers and put them into boxes. These boxes must also be strategically packed to maximize stability and minimize the risk of damaged possessions.

Hiring professionals will save you from putting time and effort into this process. But minimizing disruption requires them to handle the packing the day before or the day of the move. A moving company can estimate how much time it will take to take care of packing. This will come after assessing your family's total possessions and what furniture disassembly is required.

Ideally, you want to find movers with enough professionals to handle your entire move in a day or two because this will keep your routine from changing.


In addition to packing your items, you must prepare each property. A great example is making sure parking is available, and that all the walkways are clear of dirt, debris, ice, and snow. This will ensure that movers do not need to spend extra time preparing the properties.

When you need to consult with a homeowner's association or get a street parking permit, you want to handle these responsibilities early on. You can discuss these aspects with movers to determine who is responsible for requesting a permit or contacting an association.


Packing, loading, and unloading are not enough to minimize disruption to your routine. These steps will leave you in a new home with furniture to assemble and boxes to unpack. An easy solution is to hire movers for the unpacking process. Moving professionals often want to know where to put furniture, decorations, and items to guarantee your satisfaction.

In this situation, you can write down all the important details about where you want items and how you want them set up so movers can work independently. Another option is to give movers a general checklist and then grant them freedom, which can help them work quickly.

These tips for hiring and working with movers will ensure a smooth move without disrupting your routine.

To learn more, contact a local moving company.


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