The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Rent A Storage Unit To Make Termite Testing Less Treacherous

Edwin Howard

Do you need to have an exterminator tent your home to kill the termites that are destroying the house? If so, it is time to begin planning for the day the tent goes up and you have to leave your home. What all do you have to do to prepare the house for tenting? What do you do with all of the things that cannot remain in the home during the process? Is there a way to make the clean-up process a little easier for you after the process is complete?

There are several things in your home that you don't want to leave behind during the tenting. Those items can be moved from the home to a rented storage unit for the time it takes for the tenting and clean-up process to be complete.

What needs to be removed from the home?

All food that is in your home must be removed. Foods that don't require refrigeration can be placed in a box or bin and taken to a storage unit until the process is complete. Even the food that has never been opened, canned goods and your pet's food should be removed from the house.

All of your houseplants must be taken out of the home. If the weather is fair, you can simply store the houseplants outdoors until the process is complete, but if the weather is chilly or too hot for your plants, a climate controlled storage unit would be the best place for them to go. Keep in mind that these plants will only do well in the dark area for a few days without sunlight, so if the process is going to take longer than that, you will have to visit the storage unit and put the plants out in the sun for a bit.

Cosmetics, vitamins, medication and supplements should all be removed from the home.

After the tenting process is complete, all of your clothing and bedding will need to be washed. To reduce the amount of laundry that you have to do after the process, box up and store all of the bedding and clothing in a storage unit. It may take some time for you to box and transport all of the clothing and bedding, but it will take far more time to wash, fold and hang all of the clothing.

Electronics and valuables should be removed from the home. This is not to avoid damage, but to avoid theft while the home is tented. Since your home will be tented for a couple of days, and people know that you cannot stay in a tented home, thieves are more likely to target it. Removing the valuables and storing them in a locked storage unit will help to keep it all safe.

Renting a storage unit (from companies like Falmouth Self Storage) for a week or two is a small investment that will make the entire process a bit more bearable for you and your family.


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