The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Staying Organized And Efficient While Packing For A Move

Edwin Howard

Perhaps the easiest, least stressful way to stay organized while moving is to have your residential movers pack your items into boxes. This allows you to oversee the packing process as it gets done quickly and efficiently. However, if you prefer to pack your own things while moving, staying organized and efficient is critical. The following tips will help with this process.  

Create a Labeling System

Don't waste time writing the words "kitchen" or "living room" over and over again on each box. Buy several packs of oversized mailing labels and use your printer at home to print large, clear labels for each box.  Put a label on all four sides and the top of each box. If you have many boxes that all contain the same type of item (books or dishes, for example), create simple labels for boxes that contain this kind of item.

To take this a step farther, create a color coding system for labeling important boxes. For example, use red stickers to indicate which boxes are fragile, and use green stickers to indicate which boxes are urgent and should be unpacked first.

Make "Packing Supply" Boxes

Make a packing supply box for each room where you'll be packing boxes. Put the following items in each box:

  • Packing tape and holder
  • Black permanent markers
  • Box labels
  • Scissors

Keep several pairs of markers, tape rolls and scissors in each packing supply box. This way you'll be able to find packing supplies even if you set some of them down while you're working.

Keep a Consignment Box by the Door

Keep a large box of items that can be sold at a garage sale or given to a consignment shop. Put this box in a centralized location in your house, maybe by the front or back door, so that everyone who is packing can add to it throughout the day.  Replace consignment boxes as you fill them.

Have ALL the Packing Supplies You Need on Hand at All Times

Better to buy too many rolls of packing tape than too few. This way you'll have them on hand when you need them, and you'll be able to work without interruption when you start to pack. Very likely, your residential moving company sells packing supplies like boxes, packing tape and pads in bulk. Some of these companies even drop off materials for customers who order them. To find out more, contact residential movers such as A-1 America's Best Moving.


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