The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

From Chicago To Seoul: How An International Relocation Company Helps You Get There

Edwin Howard

Usually, if you are relocating internationally for work, you are relocating from a major U.S. city like Chicago, Milwaukee or New York City to a major international city like London, Beijing or Seoul. All of the typical international destinations involve either business or military relocations. Regardless of your employment situation, an international relocation company like Hollander Storage & Moving can help you get to your assigned destination in the following ways.

Decide What and How Much to Take with You

When you first receive notice that you are headed overseas, you will probably feel quite overwhelmed. There is so much to pack, and trying to decide if you should take all of your belongings or only some things with you is not an easy task. Relocation movers help make that decision easier by providing storage facilities for whatever you leave behind. In the event that you are bounced back to the U.S. in a few months or a few years, the relocation/moving company can ship your belongings to you wherever you land and put down new roots.

Packing You to Go

Relocation companies often send a crew of movers to pack all of your stuff up and help you designate what stuff to ship and what stuff to store. Just like traditional movers, they wrap everything carefully, box it whenever possible, and plastic wrap the rest to keep bugs and water out. While they pack everything from towels to your couch, you can pack your suitcases for the long journey ahead. Once you have paid the company for the shipping fees and a few months' worth of storage (if you use this service) then everything is shipped immediately so that most of your stuff should get to your destination about the same time you do.

Cost Estimates: Shipping Versus Storage

The duration of your stay in another country has a lot to do with your overall relocation costs. If you expect to relocate to Seoul, South Korea, for one year, it will probably cost you almost equal amounts of money to ship what you want to take with you and what you want to remain in a storage unit here in the States. If you are going to be gone for more than two years, you may want to consider taking almost everything overseas with you and storing what's left with a family member instead.

Of course, there are always the return costs to consider, in which case you could break even or you might spend even more to get all of your stuff back home again, as shipping from another country is usually more expensive. The relocation company stateside can make those calculations for you, but only based on what the current charges would be and not what the future charges might be.


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