The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Crunching The Numbers: How To Make A Moving Budget

Edwin Howard

Moving can be exciting as a new season begins and the prospects are bright. Unfortunately, that excitement may be thwarted as the expenses add up or unexpected costs creep in. It's critical to create a budget that is honest and all-inclusive. If your intention is to save money, the monthly rent savings may not make up for the moving costs and therefore you won't be saving at all!

All Boxed Up

The first step is getting everything in your home packed up in boxes. While throwing it all in the backseat of the car may sound appealing and free, it's inefficient and will cost more in time and stress. Most people prefer to pack their own belongings but hiring packers may be just as cost-effective. When deciding to pack yourself, consider:

  • Do you have the time and volunteer-power to pack everything securely and in an organized manner? If you have to take time off work that's a loss of income or loss of future vacation opportunities.
  • Can you obtain enough sturdy, appropriately-sized boxes for free or will you need to purchase them? Uniform sized boxes will save space on the truck and reduce the number of trips.
  • What packing supplies do you need? Do you have breakables that will need paper or bubble wrap? Don't forget things like packing tape, markers, box cutters or scissors, newsprint, mattress bags, plastic wrap to protect furniture, and pads for protecting furniture from bumps.

From Point A to Point B

Now that your possessions are ready for transport, how will you get it to your new home? If you have an army of reliable, hard-working friends with trucks, moving yourself might be least expensive. If you offer pizza, beer, or gas money, include that in your budget! Other DIY costs include dollies for transporting multiple boxes at once or heavy furniture, a loading ramp, and loss or damage of your belongings (moving companies have insurance options for these incidents). Renting a moving truck may be an extra expense, but it can save you time by avoiding multiple trips. They may provide basic moving supplies reducing out-of-pocket expenses. If you hire a mover, you'll want to review the quote for add-on fees such as insurance, tips for the movers, disassembling and re-assembling furniture, or overtime.

What a Mess

When you have emptied your current residence your first reaction may be disgust rather than relief. Suddenly every stain, dust bunny, and hole is revealed. Your moving budget should include any costs related to cleaning out your home such as carpet cleaning, appliance clean out, wall repairs, or junk removal.

Before you sign a new lease, consider all the costs involved from the markers and tape to the moving truck. Weighing the actual cost of moving against the savings of your potential residence will help you decide if the move is beneficial and affordable. If the move is necessary then being honest about your costs will help you plan ahead and save money.

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