The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Top 5 Commercial Moving Tips

Edwin Howard

The day has finally come. The day when you move your business to a bigger and better office or storefront. The day you dreamed of has come true. While you may be excited for the big move, you're also wondering the best way to prepare for it. Here are five commercial moving tips to make it easier:   

1. Appoint coordinators

Appoint at least two of your employees to be move coordinators. Coordinators will help you organize, pack, and get the new site ready for move in. They also train employees to help make the move smoother. You want at least two coordinators so they can keep an eye on all aspects of the moving process and delegate tasks. The other benefit of having two coordinators is that they can discuss new and efficient moving techniques.

2. Hire a commercial moving company

Commercial moving services (such as Walsh Moving & Storage) are a huge asset to your move. Commercial movers help pack, move, and set up your new office or business. They can also provide commercial packing tools and containers including pegs and bags. Commercial movers help you and your employees focus on setting up the new business without having to worry about the physical side of the move. Book the commercial moving company at least a couple months in advance to get a better rate and to make sure that you will have the help you need.

3. Set a target date and notify vendors

Sit down and come up with a timeline for the move. Choose a target move date based on this timeline. Make sure you have everything ready by this date. Notify your vendors of this date so they will know when to start delivering to the new business location. The last thing you need after a move is to run out of supplies because you forgot to notify vendors.

4. Notify employees

Inform your employees of your target date and set aside time for each employee to pack. Each individual employee is responsible for packing their own belongings including anything in their desks and lockers. Make sure to give your employees plenty of notice and give them a hard deadline. Also be sure to provide packing materials including boxes, pens, and labels.

5. Upgrade

A move is the perfect time to consider upgrading equipment, electronics, or furniture. If you have any old copiers or telephones, donate them. Have new stuff ready to go at your new location. Taking the opportunity to upgrade also decreases the cost and effort to move. The less stuff you take with you to your new location, the better. You might also discover that some equipment was unnecessary which will decrease clutter. Keep the receipts for donated items so you can get a tax break.

These five tips can make your commercial move easier and more efficient.


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