The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

How To Securely Pack Your Appliances In Storage

Edwin Howard

If you are going to be moving your household items into a storage unit, you want to make sure you know how to pack your appliances properly. Appliances can be expensive to replace, and there are many ways they can become damaged or destroyed during the moving process and/or when they are packed in your storage unit. The tips below will help you know you have packed your appliances correctly.

Preparing and storing your refrigerator

You want to clean your refrigerator completely before you pack it away. Otherwise, it will grow mold inside of it, which will create a lot of work for you before you are able to use it again. Also, you'll need to be careful when cleaning mold, since it poses health risks. You should wipe all areas with bleach and water, making sure you get in all the cracks and crevices.

Take out all the shelves and secure them either in the refrigerator or out of it. If you have glass shelving, each piece should be wrapped in a towel to avoid breakage. Tape the cord to the side of the refrigerator.

When you put the refrigerator in the storage unit, you want to keep both the refrigerator and freezer doors propped slightly open so air can enter. This will also help cut down on the chances for mold growth and will prevent the refrigerator from developing a bad smell.

Preparing and storing your stove

You want to clean your oven prior to packing your stove. Then, you should remove the burners from the stove, wrap them in towels and pack them in a box securely. You should also remove the knobs from the stove and put them in the box as well. You can put the box in the stove so you know exactly where the box is when you remove the stove from storage. Tape the cord to the side of the stove.

Preparing and storing your microwave

You want to clean your microwave before storing it. You also want to wrap up the cord tightly and tape it to the side of the microwave Take the glass plate that's inside of the microwave and wrap it in a thick towel or a lot of newspaper. Put the glass plate back in the microwave and tape the microwave door to ensure it doesn't open during the move and cause the glass plate to fall out and break.

By following the tips above you will know your appliances are securely packed away in self storage and will be in the same condition when you get them out.


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