The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Color Me Happy: The Benefits Of Color Coding Your Self Storage Unit

Edwin Howard

There are many different systems out there for organizing your storage unit. Some people suggest placing your items just as you would inside your home so that they are easily accessible. Others suggest using see through plastic containers so that you can easily see all of your stored items. However, perhaps the most beneficial of the organizational methods out there is the use of color coding. This is because color coding allows you to not only keep your storage unit organized, but also allows you to make the most out of the space you have while maintaining easy access to the items you stored.

Establishing A Color Coding System

When color coding your storage unit, you will need to begin by assigning colors to a variety of different categories. These categories will depend upon the way you identify your belongings. For instance, some people choose to identify items by what room of the house they belong in, while others choose to categorize these items by the materials they are made from or the purpose that they serve. As you assign a color to each category, be sure to create a master list that can be used to decipher your code.

Once you have assigned a color to each of the categories of items, you will need to make a very minor investment in some colored paper and tape. Use this paper to create labels for each of your boxes.

The Benefits Of Color Coding

There are many benefits that come along with choosing to use a color coding system within your self storage unit. For instance, this system can save you time when searching for a particular item by allowing you to instantly narrow down your search to only the boxes within a particular category rather than taking the time to read a written label on each box.

Color coding systems also makes it easy to group like items together within your storage unit. For instance, by placing all of the items with a blue label in the same corner of your storage unit, you will be able to quickly identify the location of the items you need. Taking the time to create a map of your storage unit using your assigned colors to mark the location of certain items can make this process even easier.

A color coding system also makes it easy for you to enlist the help of family members or friends when retrieving items from your storage unit. For example, sending your spouse to collect all of the boxes with red labels will likely yield a far better result than asking them to sift through the storage unit in search of all your holiday decorations.

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