The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Moving Your Piano: Important Considerations Before Moving Day

Edwin Howard

Packing and moving a piano is no small feat! Whether you choose to pack your piano yourself or you hire a piano moving company, there are a few things you should consider before moving day. 

Protect the Finish

If you cherish the glossy shine on your piano, you'll need to protect the finish. There are a few ways you can do this on your own.

  • You can purchase large sheets of bubble wrap and moving tape. Use scissors to cut the bubble wrap to fit. Secure it with moving tape, but be sure you only tape to the bubble wrap and not the piano itself.
  • If you have extra comforters or thick duvets, you can use these to cover the top of the piano and wrap the legs with folded newspaper. 

Some professional piano moving companies provide this service, but many do not. Normally a piano is moved to a truck and strapped into place to avoid sliding. So you may want to take care of protecting the finish yourself, even if you hire a moving company. If you hire a moving company, ask about protection or crating services. 

Protection from the Dolly

When your piano is moved, a dolly will most likely be used. Don't be shy about asking movers to first position a blanket or protective padding on the dolly, which helps protect against scratches. If you move the piano yourself with the help of friends, it may take a couple of tries to get the piano and the blanket positioned correctly. 

You Need a Lift

Pianos come in all shapes and sizes, but on average, several hundred pounds is fairly common. If you consider moving your piano yourself, consider how you are going to actually lift it into a vehicle. Trying to manhandle it could easily result in a serious back injury.

Also, consider that you are going to have to unload the piano. Having a couple of friends ready to lower it to the ground while someone else pushes is a recipe for potential disaster. If the people on the ground underestimate the weight, your piano is going to hit the ground with its full weight propelling it. This is where a professional moving company comes in handy. Most vehicles have a lift installed for especially heavy items. 

A ramp is another option, but it requires some serious strength to push a 700 pound piano up an incline. 


Your piano may need to be tuned after a move, particularly if you move it yourself and meet a few "bumps" in the road. This is another way that professional movers can help when it comes to moving your piano. Having the right moving equipment, vehicles, and straps can make the move much gentler on your piano.

Considering everything involved, the majority of people choose to let professionals handle moving large pieces, such as pianos. It's safer, not only for the piano, but for you as well. 

For more information, contact Johnson Piano Moving or a similar company.


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