The Life of a Military Family

The Life of a Military Family

Organizing Your Storage Unit 101: Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your First Storage Experience

Edwin Howard

Are you planning to rent a self storage unit for the first time? If so, you should know that the ability to keep this unit organized will play a huge part in your ability to truly get the most out of the storage experience. This is because a poorly organized unit will make it difficult to find the stored items you need in the future and will also require you to do far more work in order to add or remove items further down the line. Thankfully, keeping your unit organized can be much easier than you think when you choose to use the tips outlined below.

Tip #1: Always Load The Heaviest Items In The Front Of The Unit

If you will be storing a wide range of items, always position the lightest items towards the back of the unit and allow the heaviest items to remain up front. The reason for this is that if you ever need to remove one of these heavier items from your storage unit, you will not be able to lift the item over top of the items that are stored behind it. Consequently, you could find yourself unpacking virtually the entire unit in order to access just one thing. Keeping the heavier items up front will allow you to avoid the need to lift these items far off the ground in order to get past any other items that you have stored.

Tip #2: Use Oversized Labels To Identify The Contents Of Your Boxes

Many people simply use a permanent market or pen to write on the side of their boxes in order to identify what it is inside the box. The problem is, you will not be able to see, let alone read, this small writing when standing in the door of your storage unit. Choosing to use oversized labels to mark each of your boxes will make it much easier to see these labels from a distance so that you do not need to remove multiple items in order to see what is inside each box.

In order to take your organization skills to the next level, you may want to consider choosing a specific color label for each category of items you will be storing. This will allow you to quickly identify the general contents of each box simply by noting the color of the label even if you cannot read what the label says.

Tip #3: Don't Underestimate The Importance Of Walking Room

Perhaps the most overlooked issue when organizing a storage unit is the need to leave room for yourself within the storage unit. If you do not leave any room for you to move freely from the front to the back of the unit, you will routinely need to unpack the entire unit each time you require items that are located near the back of the unit.

In order to ensure there is ample walking room within your storage unit, you may wish to consider leaving an aisle between each row of boxes or furniture that you will be storing. These aisles should be big enough to allow you to freely move about the unit, but not so big that they prevent you from making the most out of the storage space that you have available.

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